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Yooo, I'm a girl from Arkansas going to college right now. I like looking at other people's art mostly but pictures of dogs are also important to me.

Freudestrahlende Herzogin des Frühstück-Buchstabierens
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this looked a lot better as a sketch im off my game idk sorry toki

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This is Cellar Door, a short one-shot comic I made for Amanda Scurti’s fantasy anthology, Terrestrial. The anthology is full of beautiful comics and illustrations, you can buy it here if you’re interested.

I always wanted to go into a fantasy world, Narnia-style, when I was a kid. Well, maybe I shouldn’t date that, because if my closet suddenly had no back you can bet I’d go through, at least to see what was up.

[note: at least to me, Tumblr is displaying the last 2 pages with weird black bars on em, but when you click through to full size they should display fine!]

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Illustrator & Artist:

Olivia Chin Mueller


Pen and Ink



New piece! A little something on peaceful protest.


The Six of Swords by Krista Gibbard


I did this a few time ago for Golden Wolf and Doomsayers. Hope you’ll enjoy.


quicky short comic. panels under cut
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quicky short comic. panels under cut

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made a double suspension gallop loop base and wanted to try using it for multiple animations \o/

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Some stuff from my animal crossing blog that I figured I’d post over here.  These are from a palette challenge, and I’m breaking them into two posts since there are more than 10.


Foxy Jam, 2014.
Personal Work.