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Yooo, I'm a girl from Arkansas going to college right now. I like looking at other people's art mostly but pictures of dogs are also important to me.

Freudestrahlende Herzogin des Frühstück-Buchstabierens
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Remember those outrageously cute Banana Bird capsule toys we posted about a couple week ago? Meet their kawaii canine counterparts: Bread Dogs. Bandai created this adorable new series of Gashapon toys, which is actually their fifth series of Doggy Bread figures to date. (Click here to view them all)

This new Anicolla series features six different, but equally darling dogs who’ve found themselves wearing six different sorts of bread. There’s the Anpug (a pug inside a sweet bean bun), the Pomcutlet Sandwich (a pomeranian who’s taken the place of a katsu pork cutlet), a toy poodle pancake, corgi hot dog, shih tzu sandwich and, last but not least, the Chihuassant (an amazing Chihuahua-croissant hybrid). Despite being less than two inches long, each figure is impressively detailed and, yes, ridiculously cute.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any capsule toy machines nearby. Right now you can find these little cuties on Ebay.

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Artist & Illustrator:

Anna Zoladz

"Sea Deity"

"Land Deity"

"Sky Deity"


And so after almost an entire year of letting this comic sit around, I finally finished it~

I really enjoy folktales and the vibe about them, so I took the moods they make me feel and implemented into a story of my own. It’s not as polished as it could be, but it’s DONE and that’s what matters.Time to finally move on to a new project!


Mineral Admiration: Drawings of crystals and other minerals by Karina Eibatova

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Kettutanssi (The Fox Dance)
Soft-ground etching