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Yooo, I'm a girl from Arkansas going to college right now. I like looking at other people's art mostly but pictures of dogs are also important to me.

Freudestrahlende Herzogin des Frühstück-Buchstabierens
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Reason and Desire.  pencil, photoshop.

Found this drawing from last year then kinda got carried away cleaning it up and coloring it.  I’m not 100% on the meaning of cosmos flowers, but the name means “balanced” and there’s a variety called the Psyche cosmos, so I went with ‘em.  (And Serona’s costume design is the same as from this illustration.)

I’ll post a process gif tomorrow!

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retired astronaut 

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Space Lion, here for you. 


I can’t decide if I should sell or keep this book. The illustrations are drool worthy.

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Wolves for Schafmayer & Company in NYC. 2014

I’m in love with these

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Doodle from this morning about standing in a lake, closing your eyes and having spirits come out of the water around you.

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If you will forgive this slightly self indulgent post, I drew a thing! Then I got that thing tattooed on me! Wow-wee, elbows hurt a lot.

The fish is an arowana, and I got this done at Red Handed Tattoo Parlor (Shreveport has a good tattoo place, who’d a thunk it)

DO NOT replicate this design for yourself. It’s for me. Poohead.


listen im the baddest in the school the baddest in the game excuse me  honey but nobodys in my lane